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Peripheral artery or vascular disease (PVD)
Treatments for peripheral artery disease (PVD)
Plain balloon and Chocolate mesh balloon
Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) to treat calcified lesions
Drug coated balloon for PAD/PVD
Bare metal stent for PAD/PVD
Drug eluting stent for PAD or peripheral vascular disease
Phoenix hybrid atherectomy device for PAD
Laser debulking for treatment of PAD
Atherectomy with aspiration for PAD

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VTE: DVT & pulmonary embolism/PE
DVT & pulmonary embolism/PE
DVT & pulmonary embolism/PE
IVC filter for pulmonary embolism/PE
IVC filter for pulmonary embolism/PE
Mechanical thrombectomy device for the treatment of PE.


Chest pain in women must be taken seriously. Dr Tucker discusses his approach to evaluation of chest pain in women
Explanation for patients on how a nuclear stress test is performed
Dr. Michael Gibson discusses the role of inflammation in heart disease and its detection.
Preventive cardiology dietitian Michelle Routhenstein discusses role of diet in heart disease
Understanding complications of diabetes
Understanding stroke and importance of early recognition
How heart attack can cause CHF
Endocrinologist discusses unique complications of diabetes
Explanation of pacemaker or PPM implantation
Cardiologist Dr Paul Tucker discusses benefits, side effects and myths related to statins
Treatment for sleep apnea using CPAP machine
Understanding foods and nutrients for good health
Deployment of AngioSeal collagen plug
Percutaneous closure of Atrial Septal Defect


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